L2 Hallate

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Enchant Rates

Safe Enchant: 4

Max. Enchant: 16

Normal Scroll chance: 60%

Blessed Scroll chance: 60%

Elemental Max. Level: Level 7

Elemental Stone chance: 40%

Elemental Crystal chance: 30%

Main Features

Sub-Class Free without Quest

Sub-Class Max. Level : 85

Class Master

Off-line Shop mode

Auto Learn Skills

Auto Learn Loot

Vitality System

Unique Community Board

Drop list Search Engine

Auction System

Champions System

Wedding System

Extra Features

Full GMShop until S Grade

Buffs, Dances and songs Duration : 2h

Buff Slots : 24 + 4

Dance and Songs Slots : 12

Max. Clients per PC : 4

Olympiads Max. Enchant : 6


Geodata and Pathnodes

Project servers
Name Type Version Rates Online
Hallate PvP High Five x10 1000
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