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Server Cronica: Interlude.

Start Server date: 01 outubro, 2016

XP: 500x

SP: 500x

Adena: 500x

Anti DDoS Protecion HyperFilter/DedicadoBrasil

Safe Enchant: +6 Max +20 [Blessed Enchant]

Max Enchant: W/A/J +22 [Crystal Enchant]

Blessed 90% / Crystal Scroll 100%

Tattoo's: Mage & Fighter.

Weapons: S-Grade | Armors: Titanium

Acessorys: Acessoryes | Jewell Boss | Shirt's

Classes: Balanced for PvP

Siege: Siege every 7 days

Olympiad: Every 2 in 2 weeks(Grade-S) No Custom

Color Name & SubNick Color Just use .menu and select

Eventos: TVT Every 1 Hour

Farm Areas , PvP Area.

Augument Skill [Chance to get STR,MEN,INT,WIT ETC]

Chaotic Zone All Grand Bosses[Self dead in area]

Easy Server Farm

Developers Only | Staff Active

GK Global | Custom Shop

Nobles: Party Kill Barakiel (LasT HIT)

Suporte Dedicated / PvP 24hrs

No penalties from Clan | 2click Clan Full Lv8+Skills Free

Max Sub-Class: 3

Restriction From Bow To Classes

AioxBuffer 10 online the clan switch on the npc

Comands: .menu | .status | .online

Project servers
Name Type Version Rates Online
KOF PvP Interlude x500 1000
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